Kenneth "tha K-MAN" Irwin II



With not only being the man behind the founding of Breaking Boundaries Enterprises, Kenneth Irwin II holds many titles and "wears many hats" under the company banner. Author, Director, and Song Writer are just to name a few. With a passion for creating and the love of all types of arts, Kenneth does it all, including recording a few "rap/hip-hop" songs under the guise of tha K-MAN. Born in a small town of Biloxi, MS, Kenneth knew if he wanted to branch out his life motto of "Live the Dream" (or another way to say it is Live YOUR Dream), he would have to do some moving and some traveling. From NYC, to Nashville, to LA, he has seen a lot. Now, living in Portland, OR, the creative mind of Mister Irwin brings the world visuals, though video and photography, and opens the minds of the world through his written words.