A thank You video from
the founder of BBE,
Kenneth "tha K-MAN" Irwin II

"Somebody's Hero" by Q.Z. Tha Leader x Devin James

"Oceans" by Q.Z. Tha Leader x Devin James

Veterans UnAffairs: The Frank Gann Story

In a Breaking Boundaries Enterprises very first documentary ever, founder of Breaking Boundaries Enterprises, Kenneth Irwin II, was lucky enough to sit down with Veteran, Frank Gann, and talk to him about his time in the military, the experiments he was involved with, and how one clerk at a VA cost him a whole lot.

Silent Darkness Message 3...

"Blame Me" by Q.Z. Tha Leader 

"Blame Me" performed by Q.Z. Tha Leader ©2016. Video filmed by Breaking Boundaries Enterprises ©2015-2016.


Thank you to the beautiful and talented actress, Hailey Rose.

Silent Darkness Message 2...

Silent Darkness Message...

tha K-MAN: Final Good-bye Explained


q.z. tha leader

2.26.2012/Miss Da Vinci

tha K-MAN

5.12.2013 / Calm Before the Storm


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