Breaking Awareness is a Charity Project under the Breaking Boundaries Enterprises’s umbrella. Created by the founder of BBE, Kenneth Irwin II, Breaking Awareness’s primary goal is to raise money for those battling with cancer. After seeing many of his friends, family, and innocence struggle, and sometimes lose their battle to the widespread disease. Using his platform, both in private and business, on social media, Kenneth wants to make a difference, giving people a chance to live a healthier life. With that, he came up with entity now known as Breaking Awareness.

With the release of his single, “1 Life, 1 Choice, 1 Sacrifice” [which is the one life we live, the choice(s) that we make in that life, and the sacrifice(s) we make for the choice(s)], under the stage name of tha K-MAN, on, 100% of donated downloads from there will go to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He will also be donating 100% of the downloading and streaming revenue, for the first three months of its release; on other digital media outlets (ie. Spotify, iTunes, and so forth), to both the St. Jude Children’s Hospital (Which he has donated to for years) and the Cancer Research Institute.

Also, in the Breaking Boundaries Enterprises’s Official Online Store, you will be able to purchase Official BBE “Breaking Awareness” logo shirts and more. 100% of all profits from the sales of these select items will go to both charities as well. You can shop there via this link: or clicking our online store link at the top of the page.

This has been an idea of Kenneth’s for awhile, and something that he is very passionate about. Something very close to the heart, and very personal. For a deeper understanding of what Breaking Awareness means to him, and us, checkout the video below. Then, join us in this fight to help others have a chance at living full, healthy lives, and have the final victory over this havoc making disease known as Cancer. Thank you!