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      It has been compared to the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, and it has been considered a Worldwide Original; nothing like it before. However you look at it, Breaking Boundaries Enterprises is a brand that is hard to forget. Starting out as an idea, under a different name, by Kenneth Irwin II, years ago, BBE has slowly and meticulously evolved into, not just a video and photography company, but a new way of life.
     Bringing a motto that not only sets the standards in the production of the work that is done by Kenneth and anyone associated with BBE, but in living, itself. Based in Portland, OR, BBE constantly pushes the envelope in the work that is done, and doing all that can be done to bring a better product to the world - Be it through visuals, audio, and even in writing. It is ran not much different than the life of it's founder. Motto, slogan, philosophical rambling... Whatever you want to call it, Breaking Boundaries Enterprises holds itself with a single standard and it runs by its trademark saying of "X the Boundaries".